Kavılca Wheat is a valuable food source that has managed to survive since ancient times. Unique to Kars, this plant is one of the rare plants that has been able to preserve its organicity to this day. It continues to develop in very difficult climatic conditions, even in freezing and boiling weather, without disrupting its structure. This wheat is the main livelihood of the locals there and is very valuable to the people there.

The land where this plant grew is also where our founder Sezgin Baran Korkmaz was born and spent his childhood and early teenage years. He has memories of playing games in wheat fields from his childhood. When you say home, you first think of these beautiful childhood memories, the fellow citizens of laboring in the fields, harvest times and yellow wheats.

Our founder Sezgin Baran Korkmaz chose the logo of Holding as the virgo image inspired by this value unique to his hometown. SBK Holding is similar to Kavılca Wheat due to the collective abundance achieved as a result of its accurate investments and with successful solutions created even in challenging projects. The holding structure and investments in different sectors bring to life companies in very difficult financial situation. It creates jobs in these companies, produce added value and contribute to the country's economy. Just as Kavılca Wheat contributed to the survival and development of the people of Kars.