SBK Holding is an institution acting through 'first people' motto in every field, considering people as the most important resource, treasuring its staff, ensuring they feel safe in work environment, considering orientation and on-the-job training important, encouraging personal development and teamwork, aiming to establish long-term and permanent staff and always acting as a guide to improve personal skills. It aims to keep its human resources strong by managing its young employee and executive candidates with high success potential in the future.

It is extremely important for the personnel in SBK Holding to keep corporate loyalty high and embracing elements of corporate culture by adopting them. Teamwork and loyalty to the institution and corporate culture are always prioritized and our most important goal in Human Resources field to ensure our personnel take pride in achievements of the firm as well as their personal ones. Our corporate culture is shaped on our personnel establishing fair, reliable, sincere and right relations and honesty is accepted as the highest value for us in relation of our personnel with the institution.