SBK Holding, with people and trust as its common product and investing in leading companies which add value to economy in several sectors of Turkey and the world from health to tourism by compiling experiences of various geographies has been founded  by Sezgin Baran KORKMAZ.

Our founder, Sezgin Baran Korkmaz has worked with its imagination and faith in success and drawn attention of prominent financial groups of the world, particularly the ones in the USA, through its successful investments in various regions of Turkey, different entrepreneurship characteristics and future shaping vision. Mr. Korkmaz, the Chairman of SBK Holding and the Founder of SBK Foundation provides aid to restricted regions of Turkey and the world with its Welfare Projects through individual and international relief agencies. Mr. Korkmaz has provided healthcare services to more than 4 millions of refugees in several countries such as Sudan, Syria, Myanmar, Somali and etc. through Washington based Relief International where he is a Board Member.

SBK Holding invests in the firms worldwide which cannot grow financially through their own resources through its knowledge, investments, international sales network and global competition goal in various fields. He ensures these firms become leaders in their sectors by strengthening their infrastructures.

While, SBK Holding carries out its activities in successful and innovative projects developed by its companies through a result-oriented approach, adds value to the society and economy by creating trust, belief and difference in this process. Through this vision, all affiliates of SBK Holding, investing in sustainable companies in various sectors, are leading or important players in their fields.